We cultivate the unconventional.

About Us


We cultivate the unconventional.

We intentionally see what others don’t and do what others won’t. We are deliberate in our development of rapidly growing companies that excel in technically and logistically demanding fields.

Distinct focus.

Since our formation in 2004, Astin Partners has had a different approach as a private capital group. We are relentless in our belief that clarity of vision leads to strength of performance. Our leadership team is driven to confront complacency and defy normal. We strengthen company cultures through increased leadership and management development, intellectual curiosity and operational excellence. Then we set a path to excellence – refining and aligning strategy and objectives – as our project leaders develop a vision for each enterprise that can be clearly articulated and absolutely realized.

Astin Partners owns companies in the following markets:

  • Data Center Operations
  • Information Technology
  • Commercial Airport Management
  • Aviation Fixed Base Operator
  • Research, Engineering and Commercialization
  • Real Estate